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Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed.,
1885, Breckinridge County.

McHENRY MEADOR was born December 7, 1827, in Bedford County, Va.  When
about two years of age he was brought to Kentucky by his parents, who
located in Breckinridge County.  His father, John C. Meador, was also a
native of Bedford County, and was born June 10, 1804.  He was a farmer and
merchant, and for several yers kept hotel at Big Spring.  In 1854 he moved
to California and lived for ten years at Marysville, engaged in the livery
and teaming business; returning to Big Spring he retired from active life,
and there died September 17, 1875.  He was a son of Lee Meador, who was
also a native of Virginia and of Irish descent.  John C. Meador was twice
married; first December 7, 1825, to Miss Sarah Board, also of Virginia.
To them two sons were born:  McHenry and James B.  His second marriage
occurred December 12, 1836, to Mrs. Nancy Hall.  McHenry Meador has also
been twice married; first, April 5, 1849, to Sarah McCans, daughter of
Alexander and Lucinda (Lowery) McCans. His second marriage was on December
23, 1858, with Mrs. Mary McCans, daughter of O. C. and Hannah (Fulton)
Richardson.  Their children are Sally M. (Jones), M. Ida (Jackson) and
Nettie.  McHenry Meador began life in the grocery business, and after a
short time engaging in merchandising and farming on a large scale, besides
dealing extensively in stock and tobacco, in which he has been for over
forty years engaged.  By close attention to business and the exercise of
sound discretion in trading, he has now become the owner of over 1,200
acres of fine land, besides a good store well stocked with marketable
goods, aggregating in value to about $4,000 or $6,000, and a number of
tenement houses; in politics he is a Democrat.

Meador Board Hall McCans Lowery Fulton Richardson Jones Jackson
Bedford-VA CA
A Sesquicentennial History of the Green River Missionary Baptist Church
1836 - 1986, Written and Compiled by Wendell Holmes Rone, Sr., For the One
Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of the Church, 1987. By
permission of author. Ohio County

LYNN VICTOR MEADOR, the Twenty-Sixth man called to serve as the Pastor of
Green River Church in Ohio County, Kentucky, was born on February 17, 1905,
in Allen County, Kentucky.  He was the son of Roy Key Meador (b. August 13,
1886 - d       ?) and Margaret (Brown) Meador (b. February 22-1886 - d.
April 8, 1952).  He was the paternal grandson of Baptist Minister Joseph
Summerfield Meador (1860-1943) and Emily Susan (Spears) Meador (1861-1942.
His paternal great-grandfather was Joseph N. Meador (1832-1863).  The
Baptist Minister, Dr. Arcy Earl Meador (1894 -    ) was his uncle.
     Brother Meador attended the Heath Grade School in Allen County, Kentucky.
In his youth he was converted to Christ and baptized into the fellowship of
the Macedonia Baptist Church near Adolphus, in Allen County, near the
Tennessee State line.  By that same Church he was licensed to preach the
Gospel of Christ in 1925 and ordained in 1927 under the pastorate of Roscoe
O. Sanders.
     On February 22, 1925, he was united in marriage to Miss Lassie Gregory
(b. September 9, 1908), the daughter of W. M. Gregory and Esmer (Wolfe)
Gregory.  They were married in Allen County, Kentucky, by his grandfather,
Pastor Joseph S. Meador.  They became the parents of three children: Bevie
Meador (b. March 5th, 1926); Ralph Meador (b. August 30, 1928); and Ann
Meador (b. October 9, 1932). He departed this life on May 28, 1980, in his
seventy-fifth year, and only after having spent nearly fifty-four years in
the ministry.  He was a farmer-preacher and landowner.  From 1935 until his
death he made his home at Aberdeen, Butler County, Kentucky.  His remains
lie buried in the Aberdeen Baptist Church Cemetery, which he served as
pastor for 39 years in the period 1933-1978.  His widow, one son (Ralph
Meador) and one daughter (Mrs. Neel Tanner) survived him, together with 10
grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren, three brothers and one sister.
Baptist Ministers Raymond Ward and Billy Cook conducted his funeral
service, on May 31, 1980.
     He served the following Churches in the Ohio County and the Gasper
River (Butler County) Baptist Associations from 1933 to 1978:  Green River
(1939-1944), Pond Run (1944-1945), and Rosine (1945), all in Ohio County
Association and all on a one-fourth time basis; Aberdeen (1933-1943, on a
1/4 time basis; 1949-1954, on a 1/2 time basis; and, 1955-1956 and
1959-1978, on a full time basis); Barnett's Lick (1933-1939; 1944-1946; and
1949, all on a 1/4 time basis); Chapel Union (1936; 1940-1946, all on a 1/4
time bais; 1949-1954, on a 1/2 time basis; 1955-1956, on a 1/4 time basis;
and 1956-1958 on a 1/2 time basis); Mt. Liberty (1940-1943 and 1948-1952 on
a 1/4 time basis; and 1956-1959 on a 1/2 time basis); Brooklyn (1948-1950
and 1952-1953 on a 1/4 time basis; and 1964-1969 on a 1/2 time basis); Mt.
Vernon (1936 and 1943-1946 on a 1/4 time basis; Bethel (1937-1940 on a 1/4
time basis); and Big Muddy (1939-1940 on a 1/4 time basis); all of which
were in Gasper River Association and in Butler County.  In 1939-1941 he
represented Gasper River Association on the Kentucky Baptist State Mission
Board.  He served as Moderator of the Association in 1942-1943 and
1945-1946; and preached the Annual Sermon in the years 1937, 1938, 1941,
1945, 1946, 1948, 1966 and 1969, more than any other in modern times.

Meador Brown Spears Sanders Gregory Wolfe Tanner Ward Cook
Adolphus-Allen-KY TN Aberdeen-Butler-KY

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed.,
1885, Breckinridge County.