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R. D. Bailey Lake, Wyoming County WV

I knew I was interested in my "ROOTS" a long time ago. I sat my Grandmother down about 20 years ago and got what I could out of her. I did not start organizing my notes until about a year ago. As I started contacting my aunts and uncles for vitals such as birth, marriage and spousal information, I ran into an uncle who had run into a distant relative a few years ago and he had a copy of a copy of a copy (etc) of a book that had been done in 1960 on our family. I was LUCKY! LUCKY! LUCKY! (or so I thought see below) all the distant old stuff was there in a neat little package for me and all I had to do was get it entered into my computer.

On the other hand, my uncle on my mothers side had started that side's research about 3 years ago and he is about to hand it over so all I need to do again is get it entered into my computer and typed into a link for this page. (he did his work without a computer!)

Please jump right in and take a look through what I have done. I did not make it fancy, there are so many names to browse I wanted it load fast. I hope you will enjoy yourself.

I hope that if you have taken the time to come here we might be related. Tolliver (paternal)is my main research area, but that has taken me to a lot of places and recently it took me way back...... I did the DNA testing with a male cousin and we found that our word of mouth history is not any where near accurate. It seems that we most likely arrived on the North American Continent even before the Jamestown Era. To the best of my ability I have found that we (the Tollivers) were already here before the Taliaferros or the Tolivers got here. DNA testing shows that all 3 are seperate distinct lines of heritage. We are not related. Our family was probably brought here during the Spanish Inquisition Era as outcasts or slaves from Spain and the area it controlled at that time. The closet spelling to be found on the manifests of Spanish ships is "TALAVER". The names listed on the additional pages are spouses. All of the information I have on each one is shown. My lineage chart for each line is also shown. Clay is the second main paternal line that I am researching now. Stanton is a major problem line for me as it is a spousal line off the Clay line that has reached a dead end.

My maternal line is Carter, which is being researched by my uncle of that line. Cook is the spousal line to Carter. His research is nearing an end, actually we are waiting for his work to be be printed, when I get my copy I will make a page for this information also.

My husband's lines are McNiel of which we know very little, but are begining to start on.

His maternal line is Meador of which we have quite a bit. Again all spouses are listed on the linked page with all the information we have on each.

If you think you might be related to us, or if you have any corrections, please let me know.


Carter/Cook(e) Page


Clay - Stanton

Virgina County Formation Chart

North Carolina County Formation Chart

Saulsville Town History with Genealogy of Several Families

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