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Taliaferro Surnames Q thru S

Queener, Tom bc 1850 area TN
Quickenbush, Male bc 1880. area IND
Radford, James bc 1830. area Macon GA
Raines, Male bc 1840 area IND/ILL
  Thomas F bc 1810 area VA
Rainey, Thomas bc 1840. Area GA
Randolph, Mary bc 1730. area Spotsylvania co VA
Rauschenberg, Jack Brown bc 1910 at La Vita TX
Rawls, Helen bc 1800 area Pike co GA. mother to Matilda J Blacek above
Ray, Katherine bc 1920 area TX
Reams, Andrew bc 1891 at Ft Worth TX
Rector, Caroline bc 1860
Reed, Samuel bc 1740 area Amherst co VA
  Gertrude bc 1900 of Chicago IL
Reeder, Willie Floyd bc1892 at Atlanta GA/Miami FL
Reems, Richard bc 1930 area TX
Reeves, Carl bc 1890 area NC
  Katherine Rudd bc 1905 area NC
Reid, Dr Mark bc 1780. area Orange co VA
  John bc 1825 area IND
Reigh, Cynthia Ray bc 1839
Revekant, Irene bc 1900 area NB
Reynolds, Robert bc 1770. area Orange co VA
  Wm Horace BC 1890 area Macon GA
Rhodes, Helen bc 1920 area AZ/FL
Rice, Lucy bc 1780 area Amherst co VA. moved to TN
Richards, Katherine bc 1912 at Gainesville TX. father Edward
  Edith bc 1904 area Jackson co MO
Richardson, Dave bc 1850 of Carrol co VA
  Maxine bc 1910 area NC
Richie, Mollie bc 1750. area Stafford co VA
Richmond, Jim bc 1865
Riddle, Rebecca bc 1763 area Culpepper co VA
Ridgeway, Male bc 1850 area IND/ILL
Riggle, Emma Louise bc 1862 at Watseka IL. father Wm Fletcher
Rigney, Charles bc 1839
Riley, Catherine I bc 1835
Rinehart, Russell A bc 1904 area Louisville ILL
Rixey, Dr Samuel bc 1830. area Orange co VA
Roberts, Ambrose bc 1820 area NC
  Wm Augustine bc 1820 area NC
  Jackie, Jr bc 1919 ub Kaufman co TX
Robinson, J J bc 1920 area TX
  Doreen bc 1929 area Newton Miss
Roddy, Dr Frederick bc 1830. of Richmond
Rodgers, Julien S bc 1870. area MAcon GA. father Alpheus Wims
Roessler, Frank Wm bc 1900 Area Zanesville OH/Winona MS. Father Frank 	William
Rogers, Male bc 1800. area GA
  Seth bc 1830 area GA
Roles, Garner bc 1899 area WV
Rooks, Sallie bc 1830. marry in Wilkinson GA
Rose, Dr William bc 1820. of King George co VA
  Masington bc 1847 of Kingston TN
Roundree, Lucius bc 1830 area Clermont co OH
Rowe, Henry Boyden, DR bc 1870 area Mt Airy NC
Rubin, im bc 1930
Russell, Robert W bc 1900. of Jackson TN
  W F bc 1860 area TN/VA
  Anna Mae "Bobbie" bc 1913 in Warrior AL. father Geo Washngton
Rutherford, Virgil R bc 1880
  Clifford bc 1920
Rutledge, Ward R bc 1880
  Della bc 1915
Rutten, Leo Je bc 1945 in Belgium
Ryals, J H bc 1880. of Real Brundige AL
  Robert W bc 1840 area Monroe co AL
Ryan, James B bc 1870 of KC
Rye, Hattie S G bc 1840. are AL
Sagersky, Ann bc 1864. area IN
Salker, Earl bc 1930
Samuelson, Robert bc 1900 area NB/IND
Sanborn, Myrtle Rose bc 1890. of Michigan father Rev N R, Baptist.
Sanders, Ellis Gravett bc 1801. are Caroline co VA. fathr Richard
  John Westely, bc 1800. area Caroline co VA. brother to Ellis above
  Nancy P Cato bc 19330. area Douglas GA
  John bc 1830 area NC/IND
  Jacob bc 1840 area IND/ILL
  Charles J bc 1900 area NC/MD
Sarver, John bc 1904
Sauls, Johnie bc 1820. area GA
Saunders, Richard bc 1740
  John Wesley bc 1800
  Ellis Cravett bc 1801
Savage, Alice 1700 
Scarborough, F F bc 1890 area Macon GA
Schuffer, Male bc 1960
Schultz, Wm Fredrick bc 1912 at St Louis MO
Schuler, A C bc 1890. area Maacon GA/JAcksonville FL
Scmermeyer, Murry? bc 1920 area IOWA
Scott, Thomas P bc 1800. area Surry co NC. father Daniel. moved to KY
  Betty Ann bc 1933 area TX
Scoville, Edwin Ansley bc 1900
Scruggs, Annie Pearl bc 1881. area Americus GA
  Richard joseph Jr bc 1923 at New Orleans LA
Seddon, Leah bc 1830. area Fredericksburg VA
Seigler, James Wilton bc 1914 area TX
Sessions, Adelia bc 1850 area Tazweel co GA/JAcksonville FL
Sexton, Polly bc 1800
Seybold, Estelle E bc 1870 area Sweetwater TN. father Ed E
Shackleford, Lynn (male) bc 1800. of K & Q co VA
  Ethel bc 1910 area MO
Shannon, Floyd Cantrell bc 1925 at Plainview TX
Shaw, Arthur bc 1880
Shepherd, Harriet bc 1790. area Orange co VA
Shelverton, Wm Edward bc 1880. area Macon GA
Sherman, Frank J bc 1895 area ILL
Sherwood, Wilena Gertrude bc 1871 area Macon GA
Shields, Judge Joseph, bc 1810. of Natchez MS. author of " Life of SS            Prentiss"
Shilharvey, Mary Agnes bc 1880
Shirley, John bc 1820
  Mary Louisa bc 1856
Short, Howell bc 1850 area NC
Shouse, George bc 1880
  Helen bc 1910
Showalter, Aileen Garnett bc 1910
Shrewsbury, John Riley bc 1882
  Ethel bc 1920
  Vada bc 1928
Shumate, Tollison bc 1840
  Robert Lee bc 1870
  Margaret bc 1875
  Lynette bc 1886
Simmons, Roger bc 1937 area Gary Lake IND
Simpson, Maj R F bc 1800. of Anderson SC
  Male bc 1800. area GA
  James Monroe bc 1870 area AL
Siner, Ed bc 1940
Sinclair, Mary M bc 1830. of Shobby Hall, Gloucester co VA
Singuefield, Louisa Kate bc 1852. AREA bALDWIN CO ga 	
Sirlott, Male bc 1800
Sizemore, Lewis Anderson bc 1871
Slack, Albert bc 1830 area IND
Slaughter, Mercer bc 1830. area Orange co VA
  Thomas bc 1720. area Orange co VA
  Mary Francis bc 1808. of Baldwin co GA
  Sara bc 1680 area VA
Smith, Sara bc 1660. area Caroline co VA. father Maj Lawrence
  Male bc 1830. of Fordice ARK
  Gladys bc 1870. area GA
  Fred bc 1820. area Concord TN
  Kenneth bc 1933 ar Scurry TX
  Henry bc 1840 area IND/ILL
Smithers, Male bc 1800. of K & Q co VA
Snider, Mary bc 1800 area KY/TX
Snow, Ada bc 1750. area Wilkinson co GA/ Bedford CoTn/ TX
Solomon, Louis bc 1800. of Twiggs co GA
Solosky, Dorothy bc 1917
Souders, Elbert Eugene bc 1870 art Galesburg ILL father Simon
Sowder, Elizabeth bc 1832
Spraggins, Clarence bc 1900 area TX
Spauling, W F bc 1850
Spess, Aaron bc 1820 area NC
Speck, Mary Ann 1840
Speer, Harrison bc 1830 area NC/ILL
Spence, Ida Lillian bc 1879 at Wadley GA. father Wm Russell.
Spotswood, Anne bc 1790. of NY. married moved to TN. father Gen Alex
  Robinson, bc 1800. area VA/IL/MO
Springer, Harley bc 1900 area IN
  Merrill bc 1912 area IOWA
Spry, John bc 1870 area ILL
Spurlin, Joseph bc 1859
Spurling, Milly bc 1806 area NC. father Jerry
Stacey, Mattie bc 1895 area AL
Stackhouse, Elizabeth bc 1866. area Orange co IN
   Lavina Elma bc 1871. Father Hugh. area Orange co IN
Stalcup, Leacate bc 1885 area IL
Stamper, Frankie bc 1760 area VA/Wilkes co NC.  father Johnathan this 	is my line
Standiford, Male bc 1880 area MO/WASH
Stanfield, Male bc 1875. of Lenoir City TN
Stanley, Harriet Atahlia bc 1832 in Laurens co GA. father Ira
  Jane bc 1834 in Milford Township Iriquos co IL. father Micajah
Stansberry, J W bc 1880 aea NC father William
Stanton,  Frank D bc 1870. Poet Laureate of GA, area Atlanta GA
  Roy Arthur bc 1887 near Peoria IL. d Lakeland FL 1929
Starks, Lissa bc 1850
  Elvira Ann bc 1853
Stead, Moses bc 1800
Steel, Robert bc 1855 area IND/ILL
  Clarence R bc 1898 area ILL
Stencer, Clara bc 1900 area LA
Stevens, Female bc 1800
Stewart, William bc 1800. of Fauquier co VA
  James M bc 1836 in Carroll co VA. died Washington co KS
  Sallie bc 1881 at Lone Cedar Ellis co TX. father Billie
  Male bc 1858 area IND
Stiltner, Phyllis bc 1931
Stockdell, Ann bc 1750. of Orange co VA. father Capt John
Straley, Male bc 1860 area NC/ILL
Strandguard, Edna bc 1890 in St Thomas Virgin Island.
Stribbings, Thomas bc 1680. area Essex co VA
Stringer, Jack bc 1927
Stroup, John bc 1815 area KY
Stuart, Ted James bc 1910 at Muskel TX
Stuckey, Alex bc 1830 area Wilkinsonco GA/ AL
Stump, Douglas bc 1941
Sturgill, James Jr bc 1820
  James Victor bc 1868
  James DAvid bc 1855
Summerfield, Barbara bc 1921
Summers, John tomlinson bc 1820. of Statesville NC
Surem, A L bc 1900 area Morristown TN
Swinger, Mary bc 1854
Sylvester, Sameul bc 1923

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