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Descendants of Giles Webb


Generation No. 1

1. GILES1 WEBB was born Abt. 1600 in Gloucestershire, England. He married FEMALE UNKNOWN.

Notes for GILES WEBB:
Giles came to America as a headright of Thomas Babe, along with Lawrence Peters, Wm Poyter, Ann Barnes, Richard Barnes, & Tobias Stephens on 10/6/1646. (Refer to Webb Families of the Virginias by Ronald R Turner).
The Virginia Company ordained that any person who paid his own way to Virginia should be assigned 50 acres of land 'for his ouw personal adventure', and if he transported 'at his own cost' one or more persons he should, for each person whose passage he paid be awarded 50 acres of land. These were known as HEADRIGHTS.
Giles Webb's name comes up among many land transactions from 1652-1697. Giles owned 681 acres, Lancaster County VA 2/5/1653. He resided at Chuckatuck, on the boundary of Isle of Wright & Nansemond Counties. He was a burgess from Nansemond Co 1658, 1659, 1660. Since the records of Nansemond County have been lost or destroyed, very little else is known about his life nor has a will been found.
A deed of James Webb, of Isle of Wight County (formerly part of Rappahannock County) dated 11/5/1706, recorded in Richmond County, conveying 1/2 part of 681 acres of land that had been granted to 'Mr Giles Webb, 2/16/1667, recorded 3/18/1667. Another deed, dated 11/27/1715, between the same parties, conveys the other half and further states that Giles Webb the patentee as 'Grandfather of James Webb'


Children of GILES WEBB and FEMALE UNKNOWN are:
2. i. JAMES2 WEBB, b. 1620, Gloucestershire, England; d. Bef. February 17, 1674/75, Chuckatuck VA.
3. ii. JOHN WEBB, b. Abt. 1640.
iii. ISAAC WEBB, b. Abt. 1640; m. MARY BIDWELL, April 06, 1678, Richmond County VA.

Executrix of Giles Jr will 8/3/1692 in Richmond County VA.