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Taliaferro/Tolliver Spouses

My Tolliver lineage is as follows:
Jesse m Frankie Stamper 10-8-1782 lived in NC
        Hiram m Nancy Hill lived in WV *Papers found from Mr. Goodes's research state that Hiram once told that his wife was the daughter of Chief MacHill of the Cherokees in N.C.
         Enoch m Annie Short    "
          Hiram m Pricy Belcher 10-10-1887
           Daniel m Ada Clay
            Clyde m Maxine Carter
             Anita Gail Tolliver is ME!

Some of these are Taliaferro names, I will be taking them out as I have time.

Abbott, William listed as witness to Revolution service of Richard 		Taliaferro
Absher, ? bc 1870. area NC
Abston, Sally bc 1860
Acord, Bob bc 1865
  Eliza Jane bc 1857
  Floyd bc 1900
  Frank bc 1920
  John bc 1875
  Mahalia bc 1875
  Martha bc 1860
  Ollie bc 1900
  Rebecca bc 1875
  Wiley Blackburn bc 1893
  William F bc 1832
Acosta, Domingo Carlos bc 1880. area GA/died Tulsa OK
	children: Catherine, Domingo, Marcia, Margaret, Marion, Naomi
Adams, Obe bc 1802. of Jefferson GA
Adkins, Bill bc 1925
  James bc 1745 father to Cowen bc 1767 
  James bc 1787 father to Cowen bc 1820 m 1843 in Charleston ILL
  James Michael bc 1850
  Wanda Gail bc 1946
  James Michael bc 1850 area ILL. father Gowen
  Maggie E  bc 1875 in Coles Co ILL
Alcooke, Thomas bc 1840
Albritten, George W bc 1890. of Albertville AL
Alderman, Margaret Ann bc 1940
Alexander, Junius B bc 1815. of Brandenburg, Meade co KY. of family from 	Effingham, Pr Wm co VA children: Ellen, Female, Francis, 		Lawrence, Dr Welcome D.
  Lucy, 2nd wife of John Taliaferro
  Wm Thornton bc 1780 area King George co VA
  Ellen bc 1856 area Orange co VA
  Francis bc 1856 area Orange co VA
  Lawrence bc bc 1870 area Orange co VA
  Welcome D Dr  bc 1870 area Orange co VA
Alfred, Jess bc1880 area NC
Alicoutie, George bc 1900
      children:Gerogie, Kathern Jean, Laura Marie.
Allen, Cynthia bc 1930 area NC
  Minnie bc 1882
  Wyatt M bc 1910. of Allentown GA
  Nora bc 1850 area Macon GA
  Lola bc 1936 area Hamburg IOWA
  Winnie bc 1882 area MO
  Mary Catherine bc 1914 area GA
  Willis Ira bc 1914 area GA
  Wyatt M bc 1890 area GA
Allford, Female bc 1830. area GA
Altees, Male bc 1830
Amyx, Andrew bc
Anders, Robert
Anderson, Albert bc 1910 area Anson TX. prob brother to Florence 	below
  Florence bc 1911 at Anson TX
Andrews, Harper bc 1850. area Ozark AL
  Male bc 1850
	Childre: Bessie, John Robt, Laura, Lulu, Parke, Ruth
  Mollie bc 1910
  Sarah bc 1955
  male bc 1850 area Claremont co OH
Ansly, Lillie Mae b 1-20-1896. area AL
Armfield , Beatrice bc 1876 area NC
Armistead, John bc 1760
  Louisa A bc 1816. area Orange co VA. father John
  Gen L A bc 1820. area Orange co VA. Confederate army
  Female bc 1720
  Male bc 1800. area orange co VA
  Dr Cassius bc 1800. area Orange co VA
Arnold, James Wm bc 1900
  Mary Nancy bc 1860
Arrington, Juliet Bolton bc 1860. of Americus GA
  Leila Plains, bc 1870 area GA
Asher, William   
Ashley, Dot bc 1900
Atkins, James bc 1700 sold land to Richard Taliaferro in VA
Atkinson, George bc 1840. of Smithfield VA
  John W bc 1840. of Wilmington NC
  Jennie bc 1865
  John bc 1865
  Lula bc 1865
  Miller bc 1865
  Thomas bc 1865
Aubert, Paul b 7-17-1890 d 12-16-1927. children Genieve, Paul Roslyn, Theo 	Paul.
  Paul bc 18?? at New Orleans d 1942 at Shreveport. this should be same as above, but dates conflict. Same children and spouse are listed in 2 places.
Aul / Awl, Arabelle bc  1860 area TX
Austin, Hilda Burnam
Ayers, Ruth bc 1802 in Tazewell co IL
  Thomas soldier in French and Indian war
Aylett, Ann bc 1760. area VA/Warren co IL
Austin, Jesse 
Babb, Charles Franklin bc 1908 at Nashville TN. moved to TX
Bacon, Female bc 1800. of Marion co GA
Bagley, Josephine b 7-27-1900 in Roscoe TX d 5-30-1942
 David Webster bc 1858 area GA  
The following are all descendents of David Webster
 Charles Ansley   
 Daniel Slade   
 George Vardeman 
 Hardin Clay  
 Helen Johnson 
 Lillie Josephine 
 Mamie Ansley 
 Minnie Elizabeth
 Mary Taliaferro 
 Salatha Louise 
 Sara (Mann) 
 William Dudley
 William Webster
Bailey, James bc 1870
  Judy bc 1860
  Margaret bc 1840
  Thomas bc 1879
  Mamie Ansley bc 1890 of Americus GA. father W D
Bagley, David Webster bc 1850. area Macon GA. father Daniel S
Baker, George bc 1820 area NC/ILL
  Male bc 1855
  Missouri Beall bc 1864 of Irwinton GA. father Rev William
  Male bc 1850 area TN/TX
Balden, Alvis bc 1919 area TX child Betty Francis
Bale, James bc 1830 area Claremont co OH
Bales, Blanche bc 1880 area NB
Ball, Marcus bc 1850 children Ann, Fannie, Louis, Marcus, Mary, Nellie.
Ball (or Bell), Judith bc 1720
    Samuel bc 1700. father to Judith
    Marcus bc 1830. area Orange co VA
	Children: Ann, Fannie, Louis, Marcus, Mary, Nellie
Ballard, Ann bc 1830. area TN/ ? Station TX
  Jane bc 1823
  Sallie bc 1850 area Macon GA
  Jane bc 1823 area NC
  Elizabeth bc 1800 area TN
  Bland Rev war soldier lived in KY
Ballou, Henry Porter bc 3-9-1883 at Watseka IL d 7-12-1964. child 	Stanley Porter.
  Louis S bc 1860
  Gloria jean  bc 1947 at Delray Beach FL
  Wesley Stanley bc 1948 at Belleville ILL
Banke, Richard
Barbour, Governor James bc 1745
  Marie bc 1800. daughter of Gov James above
Bare, Donald bc 1938
Barker, Nancy bc 1820
Barnes, Blarfair bc 1840
  Florence Henrietta b 6-28-1909
  Blarfair bc 1830 in Barbour co AL
Barnett, Bob bc 1820. children Eliza, Marian. area OH
  James H Jr bc 1900
  Mary bc 1770. area Amherst co VA
  Lela bc 190 area TX
Barnhart, Male bc 1830
Barrett, Annie Lee bc 1880
Bartlett, Ellen bc 1855
Bass, Aaron bc 1820. area IND/ILLchildren Hannah Matilda, Martin Van Buren, Noah.
  Aaron bc 1856 area IND
  Denton bc 1860 area IND
Bastian, Elsie bc 1904 area OK
Batham, Michael bc 1920
  Moseley bc 1686
  Nicholas bc 1699
  Capt Nicholas bc 1720. of Hay
  Mary bc 1731. area Spotsylvania Co VA. father Nicholas
  Sara bc 1730
  Lawrence bc 1800. area Prospect hill Caroline oc VA
  Ann Hay bc 1830 daughter to Lawarence
  Sally bc 1830. daughter to Lawrence
  Lewis bc 1865
Baxter, John T bc 1870 area OH
Baytop, Lucy bc 1750. area King & Queen co VA
  Col Thomas bc 1730. father to Lucy above
  Sarah bc 1740. area King & Queen co VA
Beacher, Floyd bc 1900
  Floyd bc 1900 area MO
Beamer, Ada bc 1870
  Male bc 1830 area NC
Beall, James bc 1900. of Jeffersonville GA
  Male bc 1840
Bean, Jessie bc 1870
Bearden, Etta Mae b 4-15-1887
  Ima Sue bc 1923 at Newark Wise co TX
  Rubin B bc 1918
Beasley, Louella bc 1870 area GA
  Louisa Rebecca bc 1824 area TN
  Female bc 1820 area NC
  Charles bc 1823 area ILL/IND/NC
Bebee, Al bc 1910
Beckinridge, W P bc 1830
Beckworth, Amanda Jane bc 1844 near Atlanta GA. father Hansel
Bedgood, Jesse Amelia bc 1877 area AL
Beech, Erold B bc 1900 area NB
Belcher, Bob bc 1900 in Wyoming co WV
  May Marie bc 1921 Wyoming co WV
  Pricey, bc 1865 NC/WV
  Wirt C bc 1904 Wyoming co WV
Belveille, Daniel Caliburne bc 1850. area Valdosta GA
Bell, Nance bc 1780 area VA/SC
  Gary bc 1952
Bennett, Ernest Robinson bc 1888
Benson, J bc 1926
Berryman, Rose bc 1700. area  Amherst co VA
  Maj Benjamn bc 1650
Bethany, Sarah bc 1901 area TX
Beverly, Thomas bc 1830. area Orange co VA
Bezold, Matilda bc 1875
Bidle, Male bc 1840 area IND/Ill
Billings, Samuel bc 1841  Children: Florence, Janie, John L, Laure 	Ettie, Minnie D, William E
Birchfield, Rebecca bc 1839
  Thomas bc 1799
Blacek, Matilda Josephine bc 1830. area Macon GA. father William
Black, James bc 1780
Blackburn, Charles bc 1875
  Molly bc 1880
Blackwell, W J bc 1848 area GA/AL
Blair, John D bc 1827 area TN
  Margaret Jane bc 1830 area NC. moved to Osborn MO
  Hallie G bc 1863 area NC
Bland, Addie bc 1853 area AShe co NC
Blankenship, Shirley bc 1927 Wyoming co WV
Blasingame, Francis bc 1760 area Orange co VA. father James
Blaylock, Evelyn bc 1940
Bledsoe, Minnie bc 1888 area IND
  Nancy bc 1809 area VA/ILL
Blevins, Granville bc 1847 area Sparta NC
  Bill bc 1879 children:  A L, of Fairfax VA, E O, Female, Fred, Grace, 	Pauline, Viola
  Corda bc
  Margaret bc 1800
Bloodworth, Alex JR bc 1910 area NC
Blue, Sara bc 1835
Bolejack, Ida Virgina bc 1870 area Mt Airy NC. grandaughter of 	Siamese twin 	Chang Bunker
  Nathaniel bc 1800
Boles, Jack bc 1930
Bolin, Male bc 1855
Bolt, David Harrison Bolt bc 1872
Bolton, Jackson bc 1830. area Orange co VA
  John Marshall bc 1875 . Area GA
Bond, Carrie bc 1840 area IND
Booth, Fanny bc 1797. of Bellville, Gloucester co VA. father George
  Kate bc 1770. of Violet Bank, Gloucester co VA. father Maj ?
  Katherine bc 1775 of Roaring Springs, Gloucester co VA
  Boring, Male bc 1830 area Ferriday AL
Borst, Addison, bc 1820. area Stafford co VA
Boswell, Bethy bc 1900
Bottomly, Female bc 1910
Boutwell, Mary bc 1720. area Amherst co VA
Boweman, Shell bc 1840 of Anchorage ALaska
Bower(s), David Jefferson bc 1888 aea WV
  Franklin bc 1865
  J E bc 1850
  Laura bc 1899 area WV
  Claude bc 1888
  Elizabeth bc 1840
Bowling, John Nelson bc 1889
Boyer, James bc 1900
Bradley, Juanita bc 1919 at Claburne TX
Bradshaw, Charles W bc 1880. area GA/Wilmington NC/GreensboroNC
Bragg, Mollie bc 1850 area Macon GA
  Bettie bc 1830. mary in Wilkinson GA
  Thomas bc 1760 area Amherst co VA
Brahan, Eugenia bc 1880. area Americus GA
Bramlett, L Richard bc 1959
Branan, Ophelia bc 1860 . of AL father Iverson
  Gracie bc 1840 area Macon GA
Brantley, Edmond Riley bc 1820 Area GA/AL . died Union POW
Braxton, Col Carter bc 1730. area Orange co VA
Brent, Mary Aylett bc 1800. of Richland, Stafford co VA. fathr Daniel Brewer, Craig Allen bc 1888
  Male bc 1850
  Nathaniel bc 1800
  Russell bc 1875 area TN. children Andrew Jackson, Catherine, 	David, 	Elizabeth, Henry, Jane, John, Sarah Martha
Bridgeman, Naomi Ruth bc 1933
Briesendeine, ? bc 1945
Briggs, Chester bc 1830 area NC/ILL
Brimberry, Leaner bc 1830 area VA/IND/ILL
Brinkley, Rebecca bc 1799
Brinson, Carl bc 1890. area IND
Briscoe, Truman Lee bc 1902 at Gainesville TX
  Lee Roy bc 1860 father of Truman above. children: Roy Walker 	"Pete", Johnny Wayne, Glen RAy, Dorothy Evelyn
Brocke, Betty bc 1810. area Orange co VA/KY
Brockman, Susan bc 1780
Brooke, Richard bc 1730. area Spotsylvania co VA. Children Robert, 	John, Capt Francis, & Lawrence (on Bon Homme Richard with John Paul Jones).
  Sara L bc 1800. area King George co VA
  Mary bc 1800. of Stepney, Pr Wm CO VA
Brooks, E L bc 1901
  Frank bc 1880
  Henry Edward bc 1875
  Jefferson Davis bc 1860
  John Jasper bc 1878
  Ken bc 1875
  Louisa Ruth bc 1853
  Mack F bc 1900
  Marcus bc 1916
  Margie bc 1915
  Martha A bc 1886
  Pearl bc 1890
  Shelby bc 1895
  Virginia bc 1920
Brown, William bc 1740. area Surry co VA
  Carrie bc 1830. area Orange co VA. father James-cmmndr CSA Mortenburg 	Artillery
  George R bc 1820. area Westmoreland co VA
  Dr Benjamin F bc 1820. of Stafford VA
  N B bc 1800. postmaster of Philadelphia
  Alonzo D bc 1922 area AL
  Burnice bc 1920 area TX
  James bc 1825
  Kenneth bc 1900
  Lottie bc 1900
  Mack bc 1930
  Manerva bc 1862
Browning, Ora Belle bc 1902
Bruner, Helen bc 18509 area IND/ILL
Broyles, Dr O R bc 1770. of Anderson SC
  Arnold Jr bc 1945 area WV
Bryan bc 1839 area ILL
Bryant, T O bc 1860 children: Wilfred H bc 1920
Buchanan, Emmit bc 1900
  Richard bc 1953
Buckland, Lou Ann bc 1963
Buckner, Elizabeth bc 1810. area Richmond. father Bailey
  William bc 1780. area Oranage co VA
Buckley, Calvin V bc 1850 area OH
Buckner, Margaret bc 1711 area Caroline co VA
Budspeth, Male bc 1840. of Readland AL
Buffenburger, Eva bc 1818 area OH/KY
Buford, Charles bc 1860
Bullock, Male bc 1850 children: Lea Mae, Verna
Bunker, Victoria bc 1800, NC dau of Chang Bunker the Siamese Twin.
Burnett, Jones bc 1820 area OH
Burns, Kate McDade bc 1860. area Tennille GA
 Marion bc 1820. area Barnesville GA
Burroughs, Sally bc 1750. area Caroline co VA/ Mt Airy NC
Burt, Mary Alice bc 1924 at Crossett Ark
Burton, Roma bc 1893 in Kaufman TX. father Gerome
  Susan bc 1827 area Ashe co NC
  Fred bc 1860 of Mitchell IND
  Willard bc 1850 area NC/ILL
  Clyde bc 1882 area IND
  Delana bc 1815 area IND/ILL
  Hugh bc 1832 area IND/ILL
  Henry bc 1832 area IND
  Frances bc 1816 in NC. father Daavid son of John P
  Emily bc 1830 area IND
Burwell, Isabelle bc 1810. of Clarke co VA?
Bush, Maybell bc 1920 area TX
Butler, Male bc 1830
Butt, Male bc 1800
Byars, Douglas bc 1950 in WV
Byrd, Maj John A, bc 1800. area Westmoreland co VA
  Malinda Izora bc 1887 
  Wm Anthony bc 1880
  Wm Clinton bc 1898
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